Primaweb Internet Agency
Primaweb Internet Agency

Your Internet service provider for Upperbavaria and the Euregio Salzburg

Primaweb delivers Webservice in English language
Primaweb delivers Webservice in English language

  Hermann Schubotz, Owner of Primaweb Internet Agency

Webdesigner Hermann Schubotz and his company Primaweb Internet Agency

stands for top notch Internet hompages for

  • small and medium companies,
  • organisations,
  • associations and also
  • private persons like
    • artists,
    • writers,
    • musicians,
    • homeowners, etc.
  Hermann R. Schubotz,
Primaweb Internet Agency
Our area of creativity is situated in Upperbavaria and nearby Salzburg County, one of the nicest areas in Europe to live and work in. We live in a region where others come for holidays and vacation.
    Nevertheless we have to work too and bring newcomers to the Internet and into the Internet with their own homepage to forward their goals, objectives and intentions.
  Mountain Untersberg, south of Freilassing
Mountain Untersberg, south of Freilassing

As most of our customers are also living nearby, are the homepages mostly in German language, although some of the homepages have an English speaking part in order to explain at least whats has this homepage to tell.

So if you are scanning our presentation of Websites, have a look for the item "English" or even the British or US-American flag. There you will find, what this Website owner wants to tell you, why you should buy his products or take his service.


As the Internet Business is a worldwide Business and Internet stands for almost no Space and almost no Time and very little Matter involved, I can deliver my Services for

  • Webdesign,
  • Homepages,
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet Projects
  • eBusiness
  • OnlineShops

Worldwide, so even for YOU in a  nearby or fare away country.


  The Goal of Webdesign


1. Make Your Site so Cool that People Will Link to You Without Asking

People come to the Internet

  • to solve a problem,
  • find a solution
  • and get information.

If you can make your website a true resource and a great place where visitors can get the information that they need, then it will not go unnoticed. Even if you have a commercial e-commerce site, it is possible to add reviews, articles and information. This additional information will help your own customers and will be a resource for the entire web. Who knows?

2. Maybe one day you will check your referrer logs and see that Wikipedia is linking to you. This is the goal, but it will take some work to achieve it.


If you like what you have seen here in my presentation and are interested and getting something similar or if You have specific ideas about how Your homepage should look like, don't hesitate to contact me and tell me about Your ideas, wishes and conceptions.

I am sure together we can work something out and create a product that you like and are fond of to show around.

Contacting Primaweb Internet Agency Hermann Schubotz


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